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What is an Online Loan?

An online loan is a form of credit that you request online. While the process begins online, some lenders require the consumer to visit an office to finish the request.

It is important for the consumer to look for a loan that fits their needs. At OpenLoans.com, we help people search for home loans, business funding, and personal loans. By providing a variety of products, we help the consumer meet their needs, such as buying a house, funding a cash flow gap in the workplace, or consolidating debt.

A personal loan is a form of closed-end credit where the borrower agrees to pay back the loan amount through regular installments. Ideally, the borrower will pay off the loan in full by a specified due date. The loan will usually have a fixed rate, and the borrower should not need to secure the loan with any collateral.

Online loans sometimes differ from traditional options found at a bank or credit union. When working with an alternative loan provider, the consumer may enjoy more flexibility, which can lead to a more suitable form of credit. Those with good to excellent credit may enjoy favorable rates when using an online loan. Those with bad credit may still be able to find funding when requesting a loan online.

When choosing a credit source, it is important to go with a reputable company, meaning one that has a solid reputation. OpenLoans helps make this easier by only working with trusted lenders. In this way, we help consumers sift through the Internet’s countless loan options to find a safe solution.

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Why OpenLoans.com?

We are a loan connection service. It is our goal to help connect you with a lender. To that end, we have partnered with reputable loan companies that are actively looking for new customers. If you are seeking a personal loan, we make it easy for you to reach out to multiple lenders at the same time. We also provide resources for finding business funding and home loans.

Our loan request and comparison tools are the result of careful planning from industry professionals. Everyone at OpenLoans.com has years of experience in online lending. Some of us have worked on the lending side, which means we know how to make the loan connection process run as smoothly as possible. We work with the loan providers directly, helping them figure out how to most effectively use their resources to expand their reach. This can result in more options for the consumer – and it’s always good to have options.

When a customer requests funding through OpenLoans.com, we safeguard their data using the industry’s most advanced data protection. We show results within minutes, helping the customer understand their options without having to leave the computer. In some cases, customers can compare loan products.

We are passionate about online lending. We know how hard it can be to jump through the hoops required by traditional lenders. So it’s great that the Internet has made it easier for the average consumer to find funding. We are doing everything we can to make that process even easier. Whether you are requesting a loan through our nifty online form or comparing loan products side by side, we hope you find what you are looking for right here at OpenLoans.com. If you need any help, please do not hesitate to reach out. Our customer service staff is ready and waiting to help with any questions you may have.

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Compare rates from popular lending sources

Company name APR Range Loan Term Funding Amount
LendingPoint 7.99% to 35.99% APR 24 to 60 months $2,000 to $36,500
OneMain Financial 18% to 35.99% APR 24 to 60 months $1,500 to $20,000
Prosper 5.99% to 35.99% APR 36 to 60 months $2,000 to $35,000
Payoff 8% to 25% APR 24 to 60 months $5,000 to $35,000
SoFi 5.49% to 14.24% APR 36 to 84 months $5,000 to $100,000
FreedomPlus 4.99% to 29.99% APR 24 to 60 months $10,000 to $35,000
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Company name Terms Funding Amount
Fora Financial Up to 18 months Up to $500,000
Credibly Up to 17 months Up to $250,000
BlueVine Up to 12 months Up to $200,000
LendRev Varies by funding type Up to $500,000
EasyFunding Up to 24 months Up to $350,000
Imperial Advance Varies by funding type Up to $1,000,000
RapidAdvance Varies by funding type Up to $500,000
Lenders Are Waiting to Hear from You
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Company name APR Comparable Quotes
LendingTree Starting at 3.25% APR Up to 5
FHA Rate Guide See site for details Up to 4
Lenders Are Waiting to Hear from You
See loan options in minutes
Advertiser Disclosure

The offers that appear on OpenLoans.com are from companies from which OpenLoans.com receives compensation. This compensation may impact how and where (including the order in which) offers are presented to consumers. OpenLoans.com does not make loan offers but instead pairs potential borrowers with lenders and lending partners. We are not a lender, do not make credit decisions, broker loans, or make short-term cash loans. We also do not charge fees to potential borrowers for our services and do not represent or endorse any particular participating lender or lending partner, service, or product. Submitting a request allows us to refer you to third-party lenders and lending partners and does not constitute approval for a loan. What you may be presented is not inclusive of all lenders/loan products and not all lenders will be able to make you an offer for a loan.