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While the kids are off on their summer break, a lot of teachers choose to keep working. In this guide, we explore some of the best summer jobs for teachers to keep the money coming in during the summer months.

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A lot of people want to keep working to ensure that they boost their financial wellness. Your work as a teacher may be enough to have a summer off, but if you are the sort of person who likes to stay active, with plenty to do, then summer jobs for teachers can be an ideal solution. The qualifications and experience you have as a teacher probably equip you to do far more than you thought.

Best Summer Jobs for Teachers Who Want to Keep Working with Kids

Over the summer, many teachers have plenty of time to spare. A summer job is ideal for those who want to stay busy and also earn money when schools are out. What sort of jobs are an option?

Tutoring - Average $20/Hour

Teacher tutoring a young child.

One of the best summer jobs for teachers is to stick with your area of expertise. Instead of teaching in a class environment, you can offer one-on-one tutoring for students who need it. In the modern age, you can either do this in person or you might find that tutoring online is a good solution, too. You might even be able to help in multiple subjects. There are online marketplaces where you can offer your skills, and with the permission of the school where you work, you could even ask if you can promote your services to parents.

Find opportunities below:



Teaching English - Average $20/Hour

This is one of the ideal summer jobs for substitute teachers or permanent teachers. You can either travel to teach English in a foreign country, or you can sign up for agencies that offer these sorts of services online. You might have to do some unsociable hours if you are teaching people in Asia, but it can pay well, and provide flexible income.

Find teaching English jobs opportunities below:

Opportunities Qualifications Expected Pay
Whales English Hiring fluent English speaking applicants Up to $26 per 50 minutes of classes + bonuses
Skooli Hiring fluent English speaking applicants with a bachelor's degree in English or a related field Pay is competitive and varies based on qualifications/teaching experience
VIPKid Hiring fluent English speaking US/Canadian applicants with a bachelor's degree Pays up to $22 USD/hour
QKids Hiring fluent English speaking US/Canadian applicants who have completed a bachelor's degree with a teaching license or ESL certificate Pays up to $20/hour

Flexible Summer Jobs for Teachers to Do Online

We live in an age where jobs can have a lot of flexibility and fit around your own schedule. If you’ve got kids of your own or want to pick and choose when you work, some of these jobs might be ideal.

Transcribing Audio - Average $14/Hour

Teacher transcribing audio on his laptop.

More audio content is produced than ever before, and people need it transcribed to turn into blog posts, show notes for podcasts, business records, and more. If you’re good at typing quickly, this can be a good way to earn some extra cash in a flexible way. This is one of the jobs that can usually be done in your own time, too, so it’s one of the summer jobs for substitute teachers that can ensure that you can still do everything you want during your summer break.

Find potential transcription jobs on the table below:




Expected Pay

Transcription Outsourcing LLC


No experience needed

$0.80 to $1.10 per audio minute

Casting Words


No experience needed

$0.085 to a bit over $1 per audio minute



 No experience needed

$0.30 to $1.10 per audio minute

Daily Transcription


No experience needed

$0.75 to $0.85 per audio minute



No experience needed

$15 to $22 per audio hour



No experience needed

Up to $0.60 per audio minute

You can learn beginning to advanced transcription skills on Udemy.

Voiceover and Recording Work - $2,000 Per Audiobook

If you’ve got a great voice and you don’t mind being recorded, you might be able to get some voiceover or audiobook recording work. This can be fun and potentially lucrative. Some people can even do it from home.

Find potential voiceover gigs here.

Freelance Web Design - Variable Salary

If you’ve got a technical mind and you’re good at coding, you could offer websites to local companies or provide your web design services online. The salary can vary a lot depending on which companies you work with.

Summer Jobs for Teachers Who Want to Try Something Different

Carrying on teaching is fine, but it’s very much the same as what you do for the rest of the year. If you want something a little different, these jobs can be ideal.

Dog Walking - Average $15/Hour

Dog walking.

If you want a job to help you enjoy the summer weather and stay active rather than sitting indoors for months, dog walking can be one of the ideal summer jobs. How much it pays varies greatly depending on your capacity for handling multiple dogs.

If you know how to save money on a tight budget, dog walking income can go a long way even if you are just walking your neighbors’ pets for a couple of months.

Rover’s dog walking network is a good place to start.

Nanny - Average $18/Hour

A lot of parents are desperate to find someone they can trust to leave their children with, and if you are already spending a lot of your life teaching kids then you can get references, and show that you are good with children already.

Depending on where you are based, you might need specific tests or to join a register to show that you are capable of looking after kids, but for teachers, this should be no problem.

Find nanny jobs in your local area here.

House Sitting - Variable Salary or Unpaid

House and pet sitting is a great way to travel around a bit. Even if it isn’t paid, you might get the chance to meet some fun pets, and spend time in a beautiful house in another part of the country. The payment might be a bonus.

Check out house-sitting assignments here.

Gardener - Average $15/hour

If you love the outdoors, then why not try and find some local gardening gigs? In the summer, plenty of people want to spend more time outdoors, so you might be able to clean up some gardens locally. The average salary is about $15 an hour. Fliers or Facebook groups locally are good places to find work.

Other Options

More summer jobs for teachers who want to do something different include:

●      Elderly care or companionship

●      Library assistant

●      Lifeguard

●      Community class instructor

●      Data entry

Part-Time Jobs for Teachers

Teachers who need extra income can always look for part-time jobs. Weekends and evenings are often left free as a teacher and there are some jobs that can fill this time.

“Flipping” Items from Stores - Variable Salary

Teacher inspecting an item that she will buy and flip.

There is a really interesting industry cropping up around flipping stuff you find on sale in stores. A lot of people call this retail arbitrage. If you find something on sale in a store you might notice it sells for three times that amount on Amazon, and because you can sell yourself on the Amazon platform, you’re free to buy it and sell it on.

Flipping items can be done in a variety of ways:

●      Finding items that are on sale and selling them online.

●      Finding valuable items like books or antiques.

●      Selling things you own or selling things on behalf of your friends and family.

Self-employed part time jobs for teachers after school or in the summer like this give you a lot of flexibility. You can do them when it is convenient rather than having to log on at a certain time.

Other things you can flip include flea market clothes and books. A lot of these have value that people aren’t aware of so you can sell them online for a profit.

This is a part-time job for teachers that can be done when you go back to teaching during term time, too.

Summer jobs for teachers.

Part Time Jobs for Outgoing Teachers

If you’re good with people or you consider your personality to be a strength, there are some jobs that you will find second nature.

Start a Blog or YouTube Channel - Variable Salary

This is another part-time job for teachers after school that you can do in your own time, but you need to reach a decent level of success if you are going to make an income. If you’re thinking about your financial wellness over the long term then this can be a great way to build an income that doesn’t require too much time to be spent daily, but overall it does require a lot of time to be put in upfront while you build up your readership or followers.

Delivery Driver - Average $14/Hour

A lot of teachers shy away from this as it may not be the best job for their skills, but as a flexible way to earn cash, doing part-time delivery driving is great. You can do this for food companies, for instance, and it is easier than ever to find work in this industry. If you have an economical vehicle, even better! You’re likely to make more money doing so.

If you don’t enjoy driving then you might opt for something else, but most people are happy to give up a few hours to take some deliveries, especially if the price is right. is a good place to look for delivery driver jobs in your local area.

Babysitting - Average $12/Hour

This is not one of the better-paid options but it is good fun if you love children and you’re good with people. Plus, when they go to bed, you might be able to relax and get paid to watch TV. That’s always a bonus.

Check out opportunities on Urban Sitter.

Part-Time Jobs for Artistic Teachers

If you’ve got an artistic or crafty streak then there are some fun opportunities to make some extra money out of what would otherwise just be a hobby. These part-time jobs can be enjoyable as well as profitable.

Get Crafty and Sell Online - Variable Salary

Teacher on break crafting jewelry to sell online.

Do you have a talent for making things? A lot of people sell their art online or even make and sell crafty items on Etsy or eBay. It can be a great way to put your spare time to use and make some extra money, plus a lot of these methods of earning can keep money coming in for a long time. For example, if you want to create artwork and sell prints using a print-on-demand service, you may still be selling items years after you have initially created them. Who knows, it could be the start of a crafting empire.

If you’re more of a creative person and you have skills in arts and crafts anyway then this can be the ideal choice of part-time jobs for teachers after school or something you focus on when the schools break for summer.

You don’t have to be a genius to get yourself a web presence online now, and the income potential is big.

Freelance Writing - Up to 10 Cents Per Word

There are many websites and publications out there that need content written, so if you have a way with words you can offer your services! This is a great thing to do in the evenings and weekends.

Find freelance writing opportunities here.

Other Part-Time Jobs

Other part-time jobs for teachers include:

●      Seasonal retail work

●      Weekend server or bartender

●      Freelance artist or designer


Teacher letting students out of school for summer break.

If you don’t decide to work over the summer, that’s fine too. There are plenty of people who take out personal loans safe in the knowledge they can pay it back in the next school year, and you can use this money to travel or take some personal time.

You may have some other skills that you don’t get to use in your day-to-day career as a teacher, but these can come into play when you get time over the summer to work on your own projects and long-term goals.

There are lots of options for those who want to work part-time, or seasonally during the summer to keep the cash coming in while they’re not in their usual teaching role.

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